Audit and Assurance

  • Indian Accounting Standards (INDAS)
  • Independent Financial Statement Audits
  • IFRS / US GAAP Conversions

Audit and Assurance is a large part of the firm’s practice and is the core service offering. The firm provides these services to companies across almost all sectors ranging from relatively small to large sized entities. External audit services are rendered through an associate firm is registered with the PCAOB.

The key services provided by Dhaval patel & Co in the Audit and Assurance Division include:

  • Restatement of Financial Accounts /Statements.
  • Certification of Accounts under US GAAP, IFRS, Other international GAAPs.
  • Accounting Certification under various governing statutes.

The firm continuously endeavors to ensure that Audit and Assurance services do not remain a mere compliance requirement, but adds value to the clients. The firm’s forward-looking pragmatic approach with thought leadership has attracted several companies to engage with the firm.

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