With offices in Vadodara we provide a full package of Audit & Assurance, Tax, Regulatory, Corporate law services including CFO services to large and medium size Corporate, Multinational corporate, Banking and Financial Institutions, Government, executives and expatriates. Our team holds years of experience in leveraging research-based and strategy-driven solutions especially in regards to advice on audit, regulatory, and tax-related matters for your venture.

“We are dedicated team of professionals who strive to give their best on every task we execute.”

Let’s do it with Integrity, Accuracy & Excellency!

Are you facing any difficulty in audit, tax and regulatory matters?

 Dhaval patel& CO firmly believes that partnering with a dependable and accurate financial solution provider is very crucial for achieving long-term goals. Here, we simply aim to enhance your financial efficiency and security by providing accurate solutions for every task we execute.


We have succeeded in creating long-term strategic engagement with clients, typically over the course of multiple years, with stratagic aspect developed to meet clients’ needs over time.

Audit And Assurance 

Auditing is an exceptionally complex process where the auditors’ importance as a vital link in the financial reporting chain has increased.

Tax & Regulatory

Recent attitudes toward tax are changing along with changing in global tax paradigm.

Risk Consultancy

Risk consultancy helps businesses identify and manage potential threats, turning them into informed decisions and a smoother path to success.


Outsourcing is a strategic business practice of contracting tasks or entire functions to a third-party provider.

We won’t just take good care of all your audit, tax, risk consultancy, outsourcing & compliance requirements but also provide additional value to our client for upcoming challenges in order to deliver profitable result.